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Heinrich’s Dreamscape

HIGH ON HERTZ was conceived as a collaborative art experience inside the vessel of Heinrich’s Dreamscape located within a pop-up gallery on Canal Street. Contributing artists created soundscapes, visual stimuli, and olfactory activation within the space. 


A complementary installation inspired by biophoton emission measured in living food  was brought to life through Kelsey Falter’s ongoing project Overgood in collaboration with artist Dominik Tarabanski.


Exclusively for the Dreamscape, scent artist Tansy Kaschak crafted a blend composed of natural essences that aims to heighten overall sensory awareness.

Contributing Artist Include:

Bowie Alexander, Braulio Sotomayor, Daniella Midenge, Dominik Tarabanski, Gesine Thomson, Jessica Lawson,Joe Mckee, Kelsey Falter, Natasha Tomchin, Nick Monaco, Tansy Kaschak.


“You are invited to experience your own frequency and how your energy evolves through exposure tosound, light, scent, and living things that can transmit energy within our bodies.”

In a series of brilliant experiments, physicist Heinrich Hertz was the first person to prove the existence electromagnetic waves. Hertz also discovered the photoelectric effect, proving one of the first clues to the existence of the quantum world. The unit of frequency, the Hertz, is named in his honor. Enter Heinrich’s Dreamscape.

“Within this exhibit, visitors are invited to explore synesthesia, a condition in which one human
sense is simultaneously perceived as one or more additional senses.”

“Sink into altered states of perception in this 16 person capsule and let us guide
your senses through the spectrum of sound, sight and smell.”


“Within the space, viewers are invited to explore a tactile experience, enabling full immersion.”


by Kelsey Falter & Dominik Tarabanski

The living sculptures by Kelsey Falter and Dominik Tarabanski are on view within the Dreamscape as part of an ongoing project called Overgood.The piece is based on biophotonic energy, the light energy of a particular wavelength that can be compared to a laser. Cells absorb this highly ordered frequency of light allowing them to oscillate at a higher frequency. In the past few years, it has become possible to measure photonic light emission from living food.


by Tansy Kaschak

Using scent as art medium, the artist explores how sensorial phenomena and the environment affect our individual and collective emotional memory, creating non-verbal narratives through the allegorical interpretation of natural scenarios.

For the dreamscape, Tansy Kaschak composed a blend of natural essences that dialogues with the surrounding visuals, textures, sounds and live elements to heighten sensory awareness and trigger cognitive recollection while inducing synesthesia. As smell cannot be captured or apprised, the innate immediacy of this practice is a further invitation to experience the dreamscape in full presence.

Various contributing artists have created a library of sound and visual scapes on view:

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