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Day Zero

Location: Tulum, Mexico

“These were experiences which festival goers had to seek and find. ”


A sanctuary comprised of 66 man made stacks of balanced rocks that encompass a large fire pit.

The area was created as a place for people to discover and enjoy various programmed acoustic performances.


Travel down a narrow path lined with 80 light poles that are activated by motion sensors. At the end of the path you will find a wishing well surrounded by another 40 lights. Follow the instruction by writing a wish and placing in the bucket. Drop your wish and a hidden motion sensor will activate the lights surrounding the well. As each wish is dropped

the lights flash. This is what we call enlightened wishes


Enter a portal to experience live music performances surrounded by handmade wind chimes, a large spiral walk way

and more...


Take a moment to ground yourself in the jungle cinema. 

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