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Becoming Familair

Moral Turgeman and Kelsey Falter debut an immersive experience at Design Miami 2023 through their "BECOMING FAMILIAR" exhibit under Raise the Moral Studio. This presentation, which won Curio “Best in Show”, delves into reconnecting with the human body via sensorially engaging functional design, prompting contemplation on habitual perception. The color tones of the exhibit create a nurturing, familiar atmosphere womb-like in its color palette. The line work and shapeforms interpret the oscillating frequency of life in the human experience. Within the Miami Design “BECOMING FAMILIAR” exhibit, specialized compositions are played in each of the works; these compositions were created by Joel Shearer, a renowned artist whose past work experiments with the somatic effects of vibration.

Now at Design Miami booth C13, the duo introduces an innovative use of vibration via tactile sound in art objects. "Caterpillar," a parametric lounger, headlines their limited collection, accompanied by the "Wing" modular backrest and "Landing Pad" ottoman, each offering a unique tactile sound experience. "Wing" and "Landing Pad" are freestanding works that can be combined together in various formations — offering modularity.  Custom stitch work and hand embroidery represent the oscillation of the various frequencies within the human experience, exuding an electric feeling across the organic, marshmallow shapeform of the works.

The exhibit's marble works, including "Pinnacle" and "Throne," ritualize sensory experiences. "Pinnacle," a commanding marble vase for a single stem, disrupts routine by highlighting life's subtle beauties. "Throne," an interactive sculpture, offers a sacred space for incense rituals.


Throne incense ritual reduced.jpg

A suspended botanical installation titled "Orbit" pays homage to their earlier work, inviting viewers to reconnect with nature. This piece exemplifies the artists' fascination with the interplay of biological and human-constructed materials, providing a fresh perspective. Two black olive trees, one that is trained with traditional bonsai techniques and one that has been allowed to grow freely, orbit one another in a suspended format.  The lighting of the botanical installations is specific, as the shadow forms cast on the walls are considered an integral element of the entire work.


A bespoke embroidered mirror frames the exhibit, reflecting on personal focus and growth. The centerpiece, "Apex," a jeweler-crafted sterling silver candle chime, inquires about our focal points in life and how we spend our time.

Apex candle chime.jpg
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