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Moral Turgeman is a multidisciplinary, international artist. Commissioned around the globe, Turgeman has also been cultivating her namesake studio, Raise the Moral, in the heart of Los Angeles. Her approach is rooted in an intuitive, sensorial appreciation for the enigmatic relationship between form, subject, and site, with her art often being a conduit for self-discovery by inspiring wonder and awe.


Turgeman connects with audiences across a broad spectrum of interactive works— from redesigned homes and multisensory experiences to bespoke design objects and installations. Her ongoing Blind Portrait experience has been brought to over 40 cities to date, with thousands of personal portraits drawn, and she has disrupted unique architectural settings from the Black Sea to Topanga Canyon. Turgeman’s studio, Raise The Moral, consults on a wide range of ideas, currently fabricating and developing small furniture and bespoke objects that operate as both functional and interactive art pieces.

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