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Moral Turgeman’s journey could be described as an existential calling, one that brought the multidisciplinary artist back to Southern California; ushered by the same intuitive, sensorial compass that guides her work. After years on the road, seeds have once again been sown in Los Angeles.


Born in Tel Aviv, forged in the United States, and commissioned around the globe- Turgeman is presently cultivating her namesake studio Raise the Moral in the heart of Silverlake.

Recalibrated by this recent upheaval, Turgeman has shifted her focus from the ephemeral toward living or permanent installations utilizing multi-sensorial architecture as a mode of self-discovery.

Turgeman’s early commercial and film production career continues to inform her approach- namely, the enigmatic relationship between form, subject, and site. This particular background is fundamental to her site-specific participatory projects and in their calculated executions. 


RTM consults on a wide-range of ideas, currently fabricating and developing small furniture and bespoke objects that operate as both functional and interactive art pieces.


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